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                                         Special Programs

First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC has many special programs designed to help you. Whether you are refinancing your home or looking to purchase a new one, we want to provide the financing for you.

3% Down Purchase Program

First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC has a program that requires as little as 3% down payment on a home purchase. This program could help you buy the home of your dreams! Ask your loan officer or customer service rep for more details.


If you are currently in a lease-purchase program we may be able to help you finally become the owner of the home you have been making payments on. By proving your satisfactory payment history with the owner, we will be able to credit your down payment to you and pay the seller the agreed upon purchase price. You may even be able to consolidate debt or take cash out. The best part is you will finally own the home!

Bank Statement Loans

Similar to the stated income loan, the bank statement loan uses the gross deposits shown on your bank statements, personal or business, to determine your income. Typically, these loans require six to twelve months of statements to arrive at an average monthly deposit amount. Another great loan for the self-employed!

Rental Property Loans

First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC can provide you with loans to refinance your rental properties as well. You may want to lower your rate, conslidate debt or simply cash out the equity you have built in the property. Typically, these loans have lower loan to value allowances but if you have great credit there may be an exception!

Bankruptcy Buyouts

If you are currently in a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, we may be able to give you a loan that will pay off your balance with the trustee and any liens on your home. This program does require a minimum of 12 months completed in the chapter 13 plan and that you have perfect pay history to your trustee.

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