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The FHA provides excellent loan programs for borrowers desiring to purchase or refinance their home. The terms and interest rates are generally favorable versus conventional loan programs since the federal government insures these loans for lenders. Do any of the following apply to you?
  • You want to switch to a fixed rate mortgage.
  • You are worried about your house payment going up.
  • You want to have more protection against foreclosure.
  • You want a lower monthly payment.
  • You are a first time home buyer.
  • You have very little down payment to purchase a new home.
  • You have less than perfect credit.
If so, you should apply for an FHA loan. You can use an FHA loan to lower the interest rate on your mortgage, consolidate debt, take cash out of your home’s equity, or purchase a new home for as little as 3% down. Our loan officers can show you how! Click here to schedule your appointment.
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