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Why schedule an appointment?

We know of no better way to analyze your situation and determine how best to help you than meeting with you in person.  Plus, our customers love the convenience of meeting in their home!

What should I expect from my appointment?

Your loan officer will listen to your needs and disclose to you the terms of the loan we have approved for you. He will answer all of your questions regarding the terms and explain in detail the process of closing your new loan with First Choice.

What will I need to have ready for my appointment?

You should have the following documents out for review:

  • Mortgage Note(s) showing your current interest rate and loan amount. 
  • HUD Settlement Statement from your previous purchase or refinance.
  • Insurance Declarations page.
  • Income Documents:  pay stubs if you are a w-2 employee, tax returns if you are self-employed. 
  • Last two years w-2’s
  • Monthly statement from your current mortgage company(s).
Why do I need to provide my tax returns?

Self-employed borrowers generally adjust their income to an amount lower than what they might have received in a given year.  While this is perfectly acceptable and commonplace, most loans require that we use this adjusted figure to determine the monthly income of a self-employed borrower rather than the gross income he/she might have received.  By reviewing your tax returns on his/her visit with you, your loan officer will be able to provide a more accurate loan scenario for your review.

What types of loan products does First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC offer?

First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC is authorized to provide you with FNMA and FHLMC loans as well as FHA and VA loans.  We also have “non-conforming” loan products as well as some niche products for specific situations.  The bottom line is we strive to provide you with the best product available for your situation!

Does First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC offer products for people who have past credit problems or bankruptcies?

Yes, First Choice Mortgage Services, LLC has products that allow for late payments and previous bankruptcies.  We understand that everyone faces a bump in the road at one time or another.

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